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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Girmscheid
Managing Director

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Die CTT offers amongst others the following services:

Expert opinions:

  • Expert opinions for court and contract parties in the field of construction regarding clarification of construction accidents resulting in material damage and financial disputes between clients and contractors or within construction joint ventures
  • Expert opinions for court and contract parties regarding technical and economical interpretation of contracts in the field of construction
  • Expert opinions on resulting costs due to changing conditions for execution
  • Plausibility test of cost estimations and calculations
  • Estate value analysis

Corporate consulting / training:

  • Tender consulting and construction service consulting for clients and contractors
  • Training and introduction of risk and claim management in construction companies
  • Internal training regarding tendering processes
  • Development of claim strategies
  • Support for contractors and subconstractors with supplementary claims
  • Support for the introduction of work estimation and construction site controlling
  • Audit of internal processes in construction projects and construction joint ventures

Construction client consulting:

  • Cost controlling models for construction projects and infrastructures
  • Target and requirements controlling in construction projects
  • Assessment and mediation of claims


  • Mediation in case of out-of-court arbitration
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